Rebates & Tax Credits

Rebates & Tax Credits

The Savings Are Heating Up

Modern wood heat is a safe, sustainable alternative for heating your home or business. Here in the Northern Forest, wood pellets and wood chips are collected from sustainable forest management projects and repurposed as fuel, later replenished by renewed forest growth. It’s a process that protects the greater global environment while contributing to the health and longevity of local forests.

More great news: There are great incentives from your home state to help make the change to renewable energy even more affordable.

Discover how federal and state incentives are making modern wood heat systems more affordable than ever.

Federal Incentive

Get a 30% Tax Credit on Your Qualified Modern Wood Heat System!

As of 2023, certified wood heating systems are eligible for a 30% federal income tax credit. Through the Inflation Reduction Act, residential stoves and boilers that use wood fuel at efficiencies greater than 75% now qualify for this tax credit.

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