Case Studies

Case Studies

Thinking about making the switch to modern wood heat and joining the legions of homes and businesses that utilize a clean, safe, local resource to heat their homes and businesses? Great! But don’t take our word on the benefits of wood heat. Listen to what these people have to say.


When David and Sarah Perlman built their high-performance dream house, they chose modern wood heat for its reliability, convenience, and benefits to the climate and our community. No matter how cold it gets outside, they’re cozy inside and saving money.

  • 3,200 SF, high-performance new construction

  • One wood pellet delivery per heating season

  • Same day delivery

  • 30% savings over oil and propane

“It’s so easy. We can leave for vacation and not worry about anything.”

— David & Sarah Perlman | Lyme, NH


Residents on a budget are enjoying the cost stability of modern wood heat. After retirement and her husband’s passing, Ann wanted to move closer to her children. She found the perfect apartment close to grandkids, groceries, and the library in Putney, VT. The central automated wood heating system in her new apartment complex provides worry-free heat and hot water controlled from her own thermostat. Planning and building with modern wood heat helps to make it easier to budget for fuel costs — keeping the “affordable” in affordable housing.

“In my older years, I have everything I need at a price that I can afford and it’s a lot less work.”

— Ann | Putney, VT


When the Green Street School in Brattleboro, VT, switched from their outdated oil heating system to modern wood heat, they improved comfort and reliability while supporting environmental and educational goals important to their community. Clean, modern wood heat keeps every room in the school at an ideal temperature — never too hot, never cold. Unlike outdated technology in many schools, an automated wood chip boiler is precise and can be controlled from an app. Kids are comfy, teachers are happy, and the community is saving thousands annually over oil costs.

“We don’t have to worry about walking into a classroom that’s either freezing or broiling, like the ancient system we had. The kids feel better and stay focused.”

— Teacher | Brattleboro, VT

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The men and women of New York and New England’s forest products mills take pride in making advanced, clean burning, 100% natural wood fuel from local sources. And they’re bringing them to our communities with all the convenience of automated delivery. Switching from oil to modern wood heat brings meaningful jobs back to our communities, supports our environment, and helps maintain our natural splendor. It’s a win for everyone.

“It’s a proud moment when loggers deliver pulp and carry our pellets home to keep their families warm. It’s full circle and very local.”

— Mill Employee


Modern wood heat is not just for home heating — it’s also ultra-reliable for commercial and educational installations, like the NH Audubon’s McLane Center in Concord. Switching to modern wood heat embodies New Hampshire Audubon’s commitment to caring for the climate and sustaining forest management that supports habitat diversity.

“It’s important to limit our impact on the environment,” said Doug Bechtel, Executive Director. “Our modern wood heating system does just that.”

  • 21,773 SF; three floors, raptor laboratory, classrooms, three kitchens, four meeting rooms, a library

  • Computer-controlled zone specific heating

  • Pellet delivery 4x/year

  • 50% reduction in carbon emissions

Public schools, municipal buildings, and public institutions within Windham County

Additional Benefits
Selected projects got one-on-one coaching with the Windham Wood Heat team.

Building energy assessment & building envelop analyses

Repairs of previously installed modern wood heat systems

Special Program for Windham Vermont

The Windham Wood Heat Initiative invested in modern wood heat installations in municipal buildings, schools, and other publicly owned buildings in Windham County, VT. This $1.6 million program was funded through the Vermont Clean Energy Development Fund (CEDF) as a result of the closure of the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant.


Switching from oil to locally sourced, clean-burning wood heat was simple thanks to rebates and energy efficiency guidance from the Windham Wood Heat team. Installation incentives of up to 35% were available to help these public institutions convert to sustainable, reliable modern wood heat. Thanks to this program, the community was able to cut emissions and save thousands in oil heating costs!

Warming buildings with wood pellets and chips support local forest industry jobs and keeps our forests here for good. When your fuel source comes in a price-stable package, it translates to community savings. On average, modern wood heat bills are about 30% lower than oil over a five-year period. That’s modern wood heat sourced from our neck of the woods!


Private landowners like Ann and Marc Davis are the passionate stewards of our forests. By switching from oil to an automated pellet boiler, you can help secure a viable economic future for family-owned forests by purchasing renewable fuel sourced from responsible forest management projects — all while reducing emissions that harm our environment.

“Our land is our passion, and it will be our legacy.”

— Ann & Mark Davis | Wilmot, NH

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