So, what's so "Automated" about Automated Wood Heat?

When you turn up your thermostat, pellets are delivered automatically to the boiler by a whisper quiet auger or vacuum hose. Automated Wood Heat boilers precisely maintain temperature, calling pellets to the burner as needed. You can set your thermostat and forget it.

Home delivery all the way to your boiler. That’s pretty Automatic.

We’re all accustomed to seeing oil delivery trucks on our roads in the wintertime. Increasingly, similar trucks are carrying wood pellets. Home or business delivery means never having to lug bags of pellets or stack cordwood. The pellets are delivered directly from the truck to your storage unit through a pneumatic hose. It works like an oil delivery, but costs less and improves our communities and our planet.

Is it dirty?

High-quality wood pellets in high-efficiency Automated Wood Heat boilers burn clean, producing very little ash and no visible smoke from your chimney. For you scientific types, these boilers have documented emissions for particulate matter below 0.1 lbs/MMBtu for total PM and meet all Environmental Protection Agency and New England and New York standards for particulate matter.

What's really in those pellets?

Wood pellets are 100% natural; Under pressure, wood particles are compressed into dense, clean burning pellets with no other additives. The natural lignin in the wood binds together during compression, resulting in a solid, BTU-packed pellet.

Where does the wood come from?

When you choose to purchase from New England and New York producers, most wood pellets are made from the all-natural by-products of local furniture and sawmills or from managing local forests, where low-grade wood is removed for many reasons—to make way for bigger, healthier trees, to create specific habitat, or as part of a forest harvest.

Can it heat my whole house?

YES! Automated Wood Heat boilers integrate with existing homes and new construction, providing all the domestic hot water you need for bathrooms and kitchen, baseboard, hot air, or radiant floor heating in homes of any size. It’s wood heat without the cold corners.

Will my heat bill go down?

Heating bills are about 30% lower than heating with oil over a five year average, and long-term stability of prices and supply gives peace of mind - unlike volatile oil prices.

How much does it cost to install?

Initial cost of installation is often higher than with conventional oil boilers, but each state offers big incentives to help you make the switch to cleaner, greener, Automated Wood Heat.

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Can I integrate a pellet boiler with my solar hot water?

Yes, a solar hot water system can feed into the same hot water tank as your boiler.  In some homes this can be an attractive way to diversify, particularly during the summer months.  Pellet boilers and furnaces can be part of a home’s total renewable energy package, working in tandem with solar hot water, solar PV, batteries, and even wind.

Will I be able to count on bulk pellet deliveries in coming years?

YES! Across New England and Northern New York, there are currently 10 pellet mills that can produce 682,000 tons of wood pellets each year, 20% more than they are currently producing. Bulk pellet customers can anticipate a reliable, simple supply chain of pellets from the mill to your home.


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