What is Modern Wood Heat?

Cost-stable, efficient, and reliable, modern wood heat provides people across the Northeast with an effective heating option for their homes and businesses. An ideal alternative to oil heat, modern wood heat uses fuel made from sawmill waste and sustainable forestry management projects to provide a renewable heat resource that protects our forests while creating jobs and putting money in local economies.

Switching to modern wood heat makes an impact in several ways.

Forest Health
Environmental Benefits

Local Jobs
Price/Cost Stability

Discover the stories of your neighbors advocating for sustainable forest management and transforming the perception of heating with wood.


Case Studies

Thinking about making the switch to modern wood heat and joining the legions of homes and businesses that utilize a clean, safe, local resource to heat their homes and businesses?

Great! But don’t take our word on the benefits of wood heat.

Discover how schools, municipal facilities, and other public buildings in Windham County, VT, switched to locally sourced modern wood heat.

Did you know tax credits and rebates are making modern wood heat systems more affordable than ever?

Ann found that switching to modern wood heat helps her budget, saves money, and keeps the “affordable” in affordable housing.

Discover the renewable, reliable, local fuel source that’s heating homes and businesses across the Northeast. That’s the power of the pellet.

Modern wood uses wood pellets and wood chips that are grown by the sun, sourced from sustainable forest management projects, and replenished by renewed forest growth to provide people across the Northeast with an environmentally friendly, clean-burning heating solution.

Why switch? Modern wood heat is a great way to heat your home or business, declare your independence from oil heat, support our neighbors and the local economy, and protect the Northeast’s natural splendor.

Ready to Make the Switch?